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We had just moved. What came to my mind as a good idea for a fundraiser was a Yard Sale.  It was timely and quite frankly, we really needed to get rid of some things!  It took a bit to plan it, decide when, how many days and for how many hours.  Once that was decided, getting the info into the local newspapers was a breeze.

We decided to run the sale on a Saturday and Sunday when folks were usually free and available.  Also, we chose reasonable hours for us, mainly 9-1.  It is essential that you succinctly list the main variety of articles that you have for sale… that is what draws people in.  To save yourself some stress, do try to price everything beforehand.  And, do take pictures!!

As a note, if I ever do it again I will make the start time later…there are always folks that show up early…the bargain hunters.

The main plus of it all was that it was a successful Fundraiser for the Recovery Fund.  Thanks to WestBridge, I had posters, cards, information and lots of great information to share. I was able talk to people about WestBridge success stories, mental illness in general and hear the local stories.  I used the WestBridge slogan, Give a Little, Change a Lot!, as the theme. Many were more generous when they knew the reason.

The Yard Sale was a great success and a lot of fun. We got to meet neighbors and visitors. 28 folks contributed, mostly on the first day.  We were able to lighten up on items we no longer needed, which was great!  Best of all, the WestBridge information was well received!