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How do you raise $1,000 in 2 weeks?

If you ask the majority of people to raise money for a cause they believe in, they often look like a "deer in headlights", not knowing wear to start.   The chart below is designed to use math in our favor, and make raising money an easy day-to-day activity over a two week period.

With the To Do List below you never have to ask any for more than $50, and the average ask is $20.   Many people will reach into their wallets and hand you $20 from their last run to the ATM for a cause you believe in.   If you ask them via email or online via WestBridge Friends & Family that $20 request tends to be higher since they are putting it on their credit card.

Use the To Do List below, follow it one day at a time, and in two week you will be a "fundraising expert" and will have raised $1,000.  It only takes 10 families to raise $1,000 each to raise $10,000. Everyone can give a little and together we can change alot!