WestBridge Friends


The A to Z of Fundraising Ideas

Below is a good start of giving you ideas for fundraising. Please read through the list and choose things that you are interested in doing and you find fun. This is certainly not an all inclusive list, we hope that this will give you ideas and feel free to come up with your own fundraisers.


  • Ask everyone you know to sponsor you – Ask friends, family, relatives, co-workers, boss, neighbors to sponsor you. Tell them why the fundraiser is important to you.

  • Auction off some of those items that don’t mean anything to you anymore.


  • Babysit – Offer to babysit for families you know and donate all or part of the proceeds. Great for teenagers and might it get you a regular babysitting job.

  • Bake sale – Bake cookies or treats and bring them to work and ask for donations, sell to friends or ask a friend’s business if you can sell them in their break room.

  • Birthday party – Offer to host a child’s birthday party and provide the theme.

  • Brat stand – Buy brats and supplies, or ask a company to donate them, and ask permission to sell them outside of Walmart, Sam’s Club, grocery stores, your rummage sale or at work.

  • Bungee jumping – You can go all the way to South Africa to jump off the highest bridge in the world or you can go a little shorter and more local.


  • Candy bars – Sell candy bars to friends, neighbors, family, co-workers, outside grocery stores, at flea markets and wherever else you can think of. You can buy them for a discount because we are a non-profit and donate your profits.

  • Cakes – Are you good at baking and decorating cakes? Offer to friends and family to bake cakes for birthdays, graduation, baby showers … in exchange for a donation. If you prefer making other desserts, offer that instead.

  • Car wash – Many gas stations will let you use their water and you provide the car wash! Gather up your friends and family and have some fun washing cars. This is something great the kids can even help with. Make sure to make signs and have people hold them up. You can either charge for the car wash or ask for donations. If that’s too big of a scale for you or you’re a kid and wants to just do some cars, ask your parents if you can do it in your driveway and let the neighbors and of course your parents know.

  • Cards night – Do you like to get together with friends? Plan a cards night, or other games (pool, ping pong, wii …) and for a cover charge or donations.

  • Chili cookoff – If you know lots of people who love to make chili (or something else), coordinate a chili cookoff. Ask businesses for donations (location, food and prizes in exchange for advertising). Advertise via Facebook, Twitter, Email, flyers, posters, newspaper, businesses that donated items, Craigslist and wherever else you can think of. Set up volunteers, including judges. Charge a cover charge, award prizes to winners of the cookoff.

  • Concert – If you’re a musician (or know one who will donate his/her talent) hold a concert.

  • Company sponsorship – Offer to a company that you will wear their logo for a specified period of time (depending on donation) to the event you are participating in.

  • Cook Book – Compile a book of your favorite recipes, maybe get some friends & family too, and sell them.

  • Cookies – Bake cookies for any holiday and sell them to friends, family and co-workers. You can even plan ahead for next year’s events and sell them in December.

  • Crafts – Do you make crafts? If so, could sell them at craft fairs, flea markets, to friends and maybe at work. Designate a portion or all of your proceeds to WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund. Be sure to let people know that you are donating.


  • Dance – Host a dance or dance-a-thon and charge a cover charge. As always, also ask for donations.

  • Darts tournament – Have fun with friends and make money too.

  • Dinner party – Invite friends over and make them a great meal. Ask them to pay what they would have if they had gone out to dinner for the same food. If you don’t cook, make it an appetizer or dessert party.

  • Dog walking – Offer up your services to help out dog owners who aren’t available to walk their dogs, especially good in cold weather. You can offer dog sitting too.


  • Eating contest – Yum, charge for participation.

  • Email – Email everyone and ask them if they will sponsor you or donate.

  • Encourage – Encourage others to join you. Then encourage them to fundraise for the team too.

  • Expert talk – Do you have a skill that others desire? Help with computers, finances, graphic design, cars, plumbing…? Help others and get donations. Who knows, you might get business out of it too.


  • 50/50 drawing – Collect money and hold a 50/50 cash drawing.

  • Facebook – Post on your Facebook page and ask people to donate.

  • Face painting – Offer to do face painting at a child’s birthday party or other party. Don’t have a steady hand? Do you have other talents like magician, clown, balloon maker?

  • Fancy dress party – Have a fancy dress and no place to go? Others are the same you know. Host a fancy dress party. If you want to get a new fancy dress and are tired of yours, how about asking friends if they would consider a dress swap and they donate the dresses and give you money towards the dresses they take. You could even have a dress donation and other people could buy the dresses. If you’re in highschool, this would be great for homecoming or prom.

  • Flower sale – Local flower growers might offer you gift certificates or flowers that you can sell and they give you a percentage of the sales.


  • Game show – Game show or game night you take your pick.

  • Garage sale – Garage/Rummage/Yard sale – ask friends and family members for donated items. Post free on Craigslist (if you have it in your area), be sure to mention that the proceeds or a % of the proceeds will go to support WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund. If your sale is large enough or is in a cold spring month like April, ask your church or a business if they would allow you to have it in one of their meeting rooms. Make sure you spend the time on making or buying nice signs (if they are allowed in your town), signs really make a difference! Have a place to donate your leftovers to. Consider having a 1/2 off bag sale to have those hard to sell items go even faster. Be sure to put out a donation jar by where people are checking out if they would like to donate more.

  • Golf – Organize a miniature golf tournament, it can be as small as you want (a foursome) or as large as your dream to go. Charge an entrance fee and ask for donations.


  • Haircuts – Do you cut hair or offer another service to people? Set up a special day that all the profits will be donated.

  • Halloween party – Host a Halloween party for friends or kids.

  • Holiday Cards – Do you make handmade cards or are good at graphic design, others might want to buy cards you design for them.

  • Hot dog sale – outside grocery store, Walmart or Sam’s Club. Look up at B for Brats and get more information.


  • Ice cream sale – Sell ice cream treats for dessert at work or ask your kid’s school if they will allow you to have an ice cream sale (or something else) to benefit WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund.

  • Ice fishing – Ask people to pay you for every pound of fish you pull out of the water. Don’t like the cold, just make this a fishing expedition in warmer weather.


  • Jeans Day – Ask your boss if you can have a jeans day or business casual day at work. Everyone has to pay a designated amount or make a donation to participate. Are you already casual at work, try a themed day: sports, blue, tropical, etc.


  • Karaoke – Have a really fun time with friends.

  • Kayak fun – Plan a day out on the lake and charge others to join.

  • Kite flying contest – Host a kite flying contest. Invite participants to provide their own kites or you provide them. Charge an entrance fee for participants, ask businesses for prizes (gift certificates for ice cream, dinner …) and award prizes for the highest flying, best decoration … you get the idea. This can be just between friends & family or make it larger. Let your imagination fly.


  • Lemonade stand – Perfect for kids to fundraise! Have a lemonade stand at your rummage sale. Do you live on a relatively busy street? Is there a particular date where there is a lot of foot traffic? Does your subdivision have a rummage sale? These are perfect days for you to set up a lemonade stand. Be sure to write down what the money is going for (even if it’s 50% of the proceeds). Put out a donations jar and a pledge card, you’ll get more donations. You can expand and have other snacks too.

  • Letter writing – Write letters and ask people to donate. Feel free to send along the pledge sheet on the fundraising page.


  • Matching funds – Does your company offer matching donations to non-profit organizations. If you’re not sure, ask.


  • Nail painting party – Offer to give your girlfriends manicures in exchange for donations or maybe your local manicurist would donate a portion of the proceeds one day.

  • Never give up – Many people need to be asked more than once. Now this doesn’t mean call them every day or make yourself a pest, but don’t feel bad about asking more than once and maybe in different ways (email, support a fundraiser, by phone…). Sometimes you just don’t have cash on you or you forget about it.

  • New Year’s party – It’s never too soon to start raising money for the new year.

  • No amount is too small – All those small donations add up to bigger ones. Even those quarters at the lemonade stand add up.


  • Odd jobs – Perform odd jobs for neighbors or around the house. This one is perfect for kids too.


  • Pancake breakfast – Host a pancake breakfast, rent the equipment and advertise. Don’t want to do quite all that work? Then hook up with Applebee’s and do their Flapjack Fundraiser.

  • Phone – Call up people and ask them to sponsor you. People won’t give unless you ask them to.

  • Pledges – Be sure to print out a pledge sheet and bring it with you places and ask people to sponsor you. Pledge sheets are great because it helps people see what other people are donating and encourages them to donate too. People also tend to donate more if they have to write down their amount versus just handing you cash because other people will see what they donated.

  • Popcorn sale – Sell popcorn as a fundraiser, just try to avoid doing it when the boy scouts are in your area.

  • Pot luck luncheon – Invite a bunch of friends over for a pot luck luncheon, enjoy their company and ask them to donate. Be sure to let them know why they are coming to the pot luck luncheon first. You can also have a pot luck lunch at work and ask everyone to bring in a dish and to donate to participate/eat.

  • Product – Do you make a product to sell, consider having a % go towards WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund and advertise it on your website/product.


  • Quilt sale – Do you make quilts? Offer to make some for others in exchange for their donation.

  • Quiz night – Host a trivia night. Either you look up topics and questions on the internet or have someone do it so you can participate in the fun.


  • Restaurant fundraiser – Many restaurants offer fundraising days to groups.


  • Sandwich sale – Make up sandwiches or barbeque and sell them at work for lunches or ask your school if they will sponsor a sandwich sale. Too much work making all those sandwiches? Cousin’s Subs, Subway and I’m sure lots of other sandwich shops will offer you fundraising opportunities, just ask.

  • Scavenger hunt – Organize a scavenger hunt for adults or kids.

  • Scrapbooking – Offer up your scrapbooking skills to someone that doesn’t have the time or talent.

  • Silence – Are you a chatterbox? Keep silent for the day and get all your friends and family to sponsor you for your efforts.

  • Sponsorship – You can get lots of sponsorships, from individuals to companies using many of the ideas from this sheet. All you have to do is ask!


  • Team – Form a team and ask all your team members to fundraise too.

  • Training – Ask people to sponsor you for each mile that you run in training up for the 5K or the half marathon.

  • Twitter – Twitter everyone and ask them if they will sponsor you or donate.


  • Underwater fun – Take someone snorkeling or are you certified to train others to teach scuba diving?


  • Volleyball competition – Perfect for a sunny day at the beach or even a rainy day inside. Hold a volleyball tournament with all your friends and raise funds for us. Volleyball not your sport, how about basketball, football, kickball, baseball, the sports list is endless.

  • Volunteer – at an event that will give WestBridge Recovery Opportunity Fund a check because we are a non-profit organization.


  • Websites – If you didn’t find something you were interested in doing off of this list, or just want to look for more ideas, go to a search engine and type in “fundraising ideas" or "fundraising ideas for individuals” and explore the results.

  • Win a day off at work – Talk to your boss and see if he/she would pay for someone to take an extra day off of work and the company pays you for the raffle tickets you sell or that person’s salary for the day (or both). Another option is to volunteer to work someone else’s shift and they pay you.


  • Xtra change- Collect from your change container and ask others to do so too. Those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters really add up. Please cash in the change to the bank and give us bills or check rather than handing us a water jug of change. You might be able to set up a change jar in the work break room too with a sign.


  • Yard work – Shovel, snow blow, mow lawn, weed, trim bushes/trees – all these things you can do for neighbors or parents if you are a kid.


  • Zoo – Offer to take some other people’s kids to the zoo for the day in exchange for them sponsoring you.